The Elements 2022 Wall Calendar (Available July 2021)



Based on Theodore Gray’s best-selling book The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, this wall calendar is a month-by-month exploration of the most beautiful and fascinating elements in the periodic table.

Featuring all major holidays and moon phases, as well as important scientific dates such as major discoveries, key people’s birthdays, and notable milestones, this calendar is both an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to keep track of your days. With room to make notes and fill-in appointments, this calendar is also a teachable way to learn new and fun facts about chemistry every single day.

Perfect for scientists, students, teachers, and anyone interested in the beauty and diversity of science and nature, this calendar showcases over a dozen elements with full-page photographs of their pure form. Also included are interesting and informative anecdotes, history, and facts about each element, and where it can be found in our universe. Past calendars included elements such as strontium, bismuth, mercury, plutonium, lithium, iodine, carbon, arsenic, copper, and more.


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